FZ28 HDR Using A Single Photo

I was waiting for my food in Macau when I saw the what seems like the typical street scene and shot the below:

Program Mode, 1/80s, F2.8, ISO100

As you can see, immediately I saw that a large part of the photo was darker than I would like, so I adjusted the exposure for more to make things a little brighter:

Program Mode, 1/40s, F2.8, ISO100, +2/3EV

You might have noticed, this was way too bright for me. This is a classic case of the camera not having enough dynamic range to really pull out a great photo, where the darker parts should be brightened up while the brighter parts should be darkened up. That's when I remember something called HDR.

I googled about how to make an HDR photo and basically found out:

  • You should shoot 3-5 photo, at 1EV step difference, preferably using RAW and a tripod.
  • You should buy the Photomatix Pro software at USD$99.

First of all, I hate RAW, it's big and unwieldy and offers too little benefits to justify it's cost. Although the FZ28 can shoot 3 bracketed photos at your determined EV steps, I didn't do that in Macau as I was looking forward to the food. I shot only the 2 photos you see above, that's it. Plus, I am an amateur, not a professional and I didn't shoot to make money, just for self entertainment. It makes no sense for me to fork out $99 bucks just to make HDR photos, to put on a blog where nobody visits and I had to force my friends to look at (you know who you are). To top it all off, you still have to put in a whole lot of hard work into the shooting and post processing.

Guessed I am too lazy for that, but then I remembered that I did play around with HDR before, using just a single photo and ACDSee Pro. Off I went, and using just the first photo in this post, I fiddled with the somewhat graphic equalizer looking controls on ACDSee, and voila:

Program Mode, 1/80s, F2.8, ISO100. Lighting adjusted in ACDSee Pro. Colors Untouched.

Look at the car, look at the paved road the car is on, look at the boxes on the right, the green leaves on the left, the brighter and better looking yellow sign board above the car...there is only one word to describe this: Amazing. Looks great, easy, lazy HDR for me. Could this be applied to some other photos too?

At long last, the food finally came and I was mighty hungry, it was good:

Program Mode, 1/10s, F2.8, ISO400.

Program Mode, 1/13s, F2.8, ISO400.

Wild Mushroom

Program Mode: F4.4, 1/160 sec., ISO160.

They grow only on specific spots, and grow extremely fast overnight and disappear in about a day or two. Catch em while you can.

Program Mode: F3.7, 1/100 sec., ISO100.

Reaching Out

Program Mode: F4.4, 1/30 sec., ISO400.

Could not resist another one, but I promise this is the last. Otherwise untouched other than slight crop and saturated in Picasa.

A Dance to Remember By

Program Mode: F4.4, 1/50 sec., ISO400.

A play on depth of field, with max zoom. Slightly cropped in Picasa and slight enhancement in saturation, otherwise untouched. I would like to think this pix gives different people different feelings. Enjoy.


Program Mode: F4.4, 1/400 sec., ISO100.

Went out and shot this on a bright day. Not supposed to be the best of lighting conditions. Am amazed at the amount of details captured, if you look below, which is a crop of the same pix.