The Hunt for a Light Travel Tripod.

I wanted a new tripod to replace the el-cheapo which is starting to break down. I also want to be able to travel with this tripod, and by that I mean it must be able to fit into my hand carry luggage. Yes, I know that I can check it in, but sometimes I travel light and doesn't check in any bags, so it'll have to fit. On the left is the maximum dimensions of a hand carry luggage, and assuming the tripod is 100-150mm wide, the maximum folded length must not be more than 520mm.

The minimum height must be 1350mm and above, and since my height is about 1790mm, this height plus ball head, plus my camera would be just about eye level. With ball head, minimum height must be 1400mm and above.

If I'm going to use it, it must not weigh more than 2kg max, otherwise it's too heavy to bring along. The maximum tube Dia. must not exceed 28mm, otherwise it'll be too large and cumbersome. Because of "the bald guy", the tripod must also be able to handle my "next" camera, and that needs a minimum load of 2.5kg. That's why fancy tripods with light loads are not included in this list.

It's about time I get a ball head with my tripod, so no tripods with 3 way pan head are listed, only ball heads or just tripod legs. I've tried to purchase one from a local shop, but they have no idea about max loads nor maximum height. You'll have to open them up to see how high they go, one by one. I'm going to Hong Kong soon, so this list would come in handy when I do my purchase there. I'm hoping that I'm gonna get more choices. There are cases where the specifications of a tripod has exceeded my limits, but I've included them only if it exceeds minimally.

Thanks to Steven Scharf, Christopher Bulen and Wohlberg for sharing their list.

  1. Click on the "[+]" to expand and [-] to collapse. [∞] to go to manufacturer website.
  2. Some material, section, lock and 180° Fold information are approximates.
  3. Tripods with unavailable information is not listed.
  4. Some manufacturer information may not be accurate.
  5. Alu. = Aluminium, Al. = Alloy, Cb. = Carbon, Fb. = Fiber, Mg. = Magnesium, Ti. = Titanium.
  6. Prices are approximates.
                / Sell1 1,2
[+] Adorama / Flashpoint (USA)[∞]
[+] Amvona (USA)[∞]
[+] Benro (China)[∞]
[+] Cullmann (Germany)[∞]
[+] Digipod (China)[∞]
[+] Feisol (Taiwan)[∞]
[+] Fotopro (China)[∞]
[+] Giottos (Taiwan)[∞]
[+] Gitai / Yong Nuo (China)[∞]
[+] Gitzo (France / UK)[∞]
[+] HorusBennu (Korea)[∞]
[+] Induro (USA / China)[∞]
[+] Jusino (China)[∞]
[+] ManBily (China)[∞]
[+] Manfrotto (Italy / UK)[∞]
[+] Sirui (China)[∞]
[+] Slik (Japan)[∞]
[+] Triopo (China)[∞]
[+] Vanguard (USA)[∞]
[+] Velbon (Japan)[∞]
[+] Weifeng / Fancier (China)[∞]

I intend to update this list with review links, but tripod reviews, especially detailed user reviews are hard to come by, so feel free to contact me through the comments section. Thanks.