Working Hard.

Red Hibiscus with ants. 80.4mm (452mm), 1/125s, F4.0, ISO125, cropped & auto tuned in Picasa.

I like to take walks. Where I am, the sun sets at 7.15pm, so my walks usually start one hour before, that's when I find the time to do it. I meet with strangers often, and most of the time they are usually walking their dogs. I would say hello normally, unless I'm occupied with my camera. I met this old man a couple of times, and yesterday, he commented that the flowers I was occupied with was nothing to write home about, that I should visit his house for better ones. I said I'll look forward to that, before he trudges away.

A lady who's age is CLEARLY more advanced than mine called out "uncle, uncle". I turned my head to look at her and before I had a chance to react and say anything, she pointed her fingers and said "I have a very beautiful pink hibiscus over there, you can take photo". I said thank you and commented that the flower is very beautiful indeed but I was pissed because she called me "uncle". I may have some gray hair but I'm not that old, OK! I guess it's time I change the route. Anyway, her flower is below:

Pink Hibiscus. 55.1mm (310mm), 1/80s, F3.7, ISO250. Cropped & tuned in Picasa.

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