Pet Photos - Using FZ28 Scene Mode, PET.

I was out testing my Circular Polarizing Filter when a puppy followed, so I thought what better way to test my FZ28 by turning the mode dial to [SCN] and then selecting PET.

The FZ28 asks me for the pet name, which I did not bother and brushed away. One the LCD screen it says to press the AF/AE Lock button to lock focus on the pet you're trying to shoot, which is great because it's really user friendly interface here on the FZ28. In PET mode, the FZ28 automatically switch off the AF (Auto-Focus) Assist lamp, presumably so as not to scare away pets or birds. It also switch to automatic ISO but limits the ISO up to ISO800.

Stray Puppy (Shutter: 1/250 sec, Aperture: f4.0, ISO: 125)

The above image is cropped to get better composition, and resized to nearly 1/3 of it's original resolution (2304 x 3072 pixels). My wife accidentally set the FZ28 to 7 Megapixels last night, but the results is still awesome. I'm loving the photo and amazed at the level of details, color and sharpness of the FZ28.

I was not able to take more shots of this puppy, in fact I only managed one, because the puppy keeps coming closer wanting to lick my camera. The FZ28 has minimal shutter lag, meaning I was able to take a quick photo and as can be seen, sometimes one photo is enough.

If you wanted to know more about pet photography, give the professionals a visit.

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