SilkyPix Manual: Is it in English?

Lots of people hate manuals and I do not blame them after quickly going through the SilkyPix manual.

The thing is, I've bought this new FZ28 and it allows me to shoot in RAW, which is great and the supplied RAW converter/processor software is SilkyPix from Ichikawa Soft Laboratory Co., Ltd. It's got an extremely wide range of controls (great) and I've been warned of it's steep learning curve, therefore I attempted to go through the provided help file and manual to get a footing.

To give you an idea of what I have to go through (my annotations in orange):

10.1.9 How to Take Advantage of Dynamic Range

SILKYPIX® Developer Studio 3.0 SE allows you to control "dynamic range" recorded in RAW data. Almost all DSLR cameras have some top margin they can record a little lighter energy of ray than white point because there are the different sensitivity between R, G, and B sensor.

I'm all lost at this point, pun not intended. "Top margin record higher energy of ray than white point?"

It probably should be: Most DSLR can record a wider range of colors beyond the regular white point because...

Dynamic range controller makes the best use of such sensor information, and provides you the function to compress highlight. In highlight area, this function makes it possible to be smooth and emphasis gradation until white point and to keep saturation like as a film.

I would like to think that I'm always smooth without the need for this SilkyPix function.

It should probably be: this function allows you to smoothen and emphasize gradation all the way to white point and closely reproduces film saturation.

However, you cannot restore the gradation if you take a photograph with overexposure. It is easy to overexposure if there is high contrast or much brightness delta in the scene.

It probably should be: It is easy to overexpose an image if there are high contrast or brightness range in a scene.

Then if you take a photograph with a little underexposure, you can record whiter energy than pure white point in the RAW data. And you can resume brightness with "Exposure bias" function and also use this "dynamic range" function.

I hate this "whiter energy than pure white" thingy. What does it mean?

Please try to take a photograph with a little underexposure, and make wealthy highlight expression with this function.

"Make wealthy highlight expression?" How do I do that?

Perhaps: Shoot a photo with slight underexposure to use this function to achieve high dynamic ranges.

Now, for the question of the day: Is this manual in English?

Advice for Ichikawa Soft, it's time to get professional translators otherwise no matter how great your SilkyPix software is, your current manual is a hurdle and an impediment the the success of your software and thus your business.

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